Sunday, July 16, 2017



I am a very slow and eclectic reader. I pick up a book, I put it down. I pick up another book, change my mind again... I have made a deal with myself. I will try not to be too hard on myself about this. I have been trying to read mostly books that I already own. Instead of buying more books all the time. If I start a series, I will only buy the next book in the series, not all of them, before I know I like them. That has happened at least one time. It was the True Blood series... I read the first one, really didn't care for it. But before I started the series, I already had purchased the entire series... One reason was that I love vampires... I have never watched the TV series. I'm sorry. 😊

A few days ago, I started re-reading Gone with the Wind... Wow, it is going by faster this time! I just completely love this book! 😍

Well,  it's getting late. 😊
Good night!

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