Saturday, February 9, 2019

My reading list so far :)

Howdy partner!

I'm baaack... Sorry for the long absence. I have been lazy and very busy despite of being lazy lol. Seriously, when I have been running around town from mornin' until evenin', there ain't no more energy to read, write etc. Just rest and foooooood... lol

This year, so far so pretty good. I have finished 5 books. A few of them I had already started before 2019, so I have been "on a roll" with the help of my earlier accomplishments... Pretty stupid, huh? Well, I do not mind, because a read book is read. Period.

Last night I actually dreamed of a book I haven't read! "A handmaid's tale" by Margaret Atwood. Hmm. I REALLY need to read it now. Really. I am going to go to my bookstore close by my home and pick up "The hunch-back of Notre-Dame" that I have ordered. Maybe I'll pick up "A hand-maid's tale" as well. We'll see...

So, the books I have finished this year so far are:

Anne på Grönkulla

Orange is the new black (for the third time)

RuPaul: GuRu (listened it for the second time in my life)

Herra Darwinin Puutarhuri (which was recommended to me by a librarian)


Sweet Valley Twins: #1: Best friends.

Anne på Grönkulla and SVT I have read so many times during my lifetime, I have lost count looong time ago...

I was first happy and liked Herra Darwinin puutarhuri, but in the end it just flopped. I skipped pages, too messy, quirky in a weird and not so good way. Boring, too. Sorry, librarian! If you're reading this, thank you for recommending it. Every book is not everyone's cup of tea.

GuRu is read by the GuRu himself: RuPaul <3 It is sooo awesome. I will have to order it in physical form for myself. It was just so good, uplifting and fabulous. It has helped me a lot.

OITNB is good, as always. Makes me sad and angry sometimes.

Now I'm reading "Carry On" by Rainbow Rowell, it is sooo good, I can hardly put it down, just like what happened when I read "Fangirl". I need to get rest of her books... I am also re-reading "Les Misérables" for maybe the third time, it is such a beautiful story. Victor Hugo was a great writer. Then, I am reading Vår vän Anne, which is the 2nd part of Anne på Grönkulla -books. (Anne of Greengables. I read them in Swedish because of the nostalgia, I always have read them in Swedish)... Then I am also reading/listening to HP 5 and Twilight 3. Those are relaxing reads, because I know what's going to happen, don't have to concentrate sooo much. lol 

More later! :)

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