Monday, December 20, 2021

Cinders' reading challenge 2022

 Hello there! 

This year was so GREAT for me, reading-wise. I have read 80 books in 2021!!! WOW! A new all-time record! :) ...and the year is not over yet, I might still read a little more. My goal was 80 books on GoodReads, so I made it for once. It feels great. I have been thinking of making my own reading challenge for 2022. You may join me in the challenge if you want. I was thinking of writing prompts, a kind of list of the kind of books I want to read. Here it is:

1. a really big book (like huge in size, not thick)

2. a really small book (not just with a few pages but tiny in size)

3. Two books in a series

4. a fantasy stand-alone

5. a book written originally in another language than your mother tongue

6. a book written in verse

7.  a classic

8. a chick-lit book

9. a YA book

10. a book written in your mother tongue (if you have two mother tongues like me, you can choose which one or do both)¨

Let's start off with this list. :) 10 is a nice even number...

Good luck! I will soon take pictures of the books I will choose for each prompt.

Have fun! Hugs from Cindy

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