Sunday, December 25, 2016

Out with the Old, in with the New ;)

Hello hello hello! :)

How are ya'll doing? I'm sorry I've been a lazy blogger lately... Yesterday we celebrated the most important day of Christmas in Finland: Christmas Eve :) I didn't get any books for Christmas from my family, but I participated in the Holiday Gift Exchange in a group on
The group is called Bookworm B*tches and I've been a member of it perhaps a few years, can't remember exactly... I noticed a very good thing! I have never ever read this many books in a year! At least since I started keeping track with Goodreads... One year it says I read 24 books, but it was in 2014 when I didn't yet quite understand Goodreads and I kept on adding old finished books :) This year I've read 23 books (so far), but I'll try to reach my goal, there's still SIX days left! My goal this year is 26, next year I'll try to read 27 books... Wish me luck! But, there's a huge but! LOL The "but" is: I did cheat a little this year and "read" a few coloring books, pamphlets etc. I'm such a slow and lazy reader, and sometimes I get stuck in a reading slump for the longest time,,, It sucks...

Well, so far kinda so good :) I'm two books behind, and I'm currently at the end/middle of a few books, I could just make it, if I reeeaaally try... Let's hope for the best! I'm going to REALLY focus more on books next year, and IF I'm going to "cheat" at my next year's reading challenge on Goodreads, I'm going to read really short books, not ANY coloring books! LOL :P

By the way! I've started a bookish Bullet Journal! YaY!!! :) It's going to be my book BuJo, for ideas for this blog, for updates, tracking my reading, wishlists and whatnot... :) I'm so happeee!!! :) I love my BuJos... <3 AND reading, books, music... Whenever I read, I almost always need to listen to music, at home it's not 100% necessary but when I'm somewhere else, I can NOT concentrate without music... Plus, when I'm really tired of my neighbors' noises, I can turn on my laptop, listen to Stephen Fry read HP (Harry Potter). In case you were wondering, I have been a fan of HP since 2001/2002... I read the first books and was HOOKED! Then, when I had read the few books published, I YEARNED for the next HP book to be released, pre-ordered them and read them ASAP. All my friends were reading them. Nobody could spoil anything, nobody DARED :) LOL P.S. I'm born 1980, the same year as HP himself ;)

Well, wasn't this an unusually long and inspired post, huh? :P Gotta get me some more cola-drink and continue later ;) Or tomorrow... Oops! I forgot! I received from my gift exchange -thingy Salt to the Sea ... BEFORE Christmas I bought myself many, many, many books, as Christmas gifts to me, myself and I :P LOL I was amazed, this is the first year I'm counting how many books I buy this year... I think I've bought over 30 books... Oopsie! :(

More later!!! :)

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