Friday, February 24, 2017

Helmet reading challenge 2017 part two

Here's the list
1. A book’s name is beautiful
2. A book discussed in reading blogs
3. Finnish classics
4. A book inspiring wellness and wellbeing
5. A book about travelling in the wild
6. A book with many storytellers
7. A book written under a pen name
8. A book about Finnish history
9. A book inspired by some work of art
10. A book with a beautiful cover
11. A book written by an acknowledged professional
12. A book about politics and politicians
13. ”Your story” book
14. A book you’d chose by its summary on the book cover
15. A book about a hobby
16. A book which has got some award abroad
17. A book cover colors are blue and white
18. There are no less than four words in a book’s name
19. A “one day story” book
20. A book about a disabled or seriously ill person
21. A hero story or a book about a brave person
22. A book with illustrations
23. A translated book
24. A book about solving a crime
25. A book where nobody dies
26. A family story
27. A book about a place where you live (or where you come from)
28. You have read only one book by this author before
29. A book’s main character can do something which you would like to learn
30. There is a word ”feel/feeling” in a book’s name
31. Fantasy book
32. A book that has inspired a work of art
33. A book about India
34. A book about the times when you were not born yet
35. There is a proper noun in a book’s name
36. A biography or memoir
37. A book by an author who has written more than 20 books
38. There is a wedding in a book
39. A book about aging
40. A book by a writer who comes from a different (from yours) culture
41. There is an animal on a book’s cover
42. A debut book
43. A book that you have planned to read for a long time
44. A book about faith or religion
45. A book about a Finnish woman
46. A book by a writer from Oceania
47. A book that would cover two subjects from the challenge list
48. A book about something which you know only a little bit
49. A new book of 2017
50. A book recommended by a librarian

The goal is to read books that either fit one category or more 😊

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