Saturday, March 18, 2017

The books I'm currently reading...


My reading slump is almost over. YAY! :) I'm still receiving one credit a month on my audible account, but I don't usually find the "zen" to listen to them... lol I have decided to fix that. Also, I have decided to concentrate on only a few books at a time. I usually start a billion books and end up "saving" the good ones until a later, more appropriate time. BUT! Now I want to read and devour all the great books. I have read OITNB (Orange is the new black) twice, now I have it as an audiobook too, Happiness! :) It's easier to listen to a book I've read before. Now I'm listening and reading it for the third time. My goal is to read it at least once a year. I've got a much bigger TBR of books I want to every year, but I'm thinking of reading some only every second or every third year. Some I always read, almost every year, are:

Anne of Greengables

Sweet Valley Twins 1-4

Nancy Drew "Buried Secrets"

These are some of my favorites from my childhood. Other books I'm planning to start re-reading more often, every year, every second year or every third year are:

Sophie's World

Les Miserables

Twilight -series

Harry Potter -series

The list goes on and on... :P

The books in the picture are the books I'm currently reading for the first time. I've heard about some of them through book blogs/booktube, others are sequels and then there's the most interesting "I just found this book by mistake" -book: "Holding up the Universe". It's sooo amazing! I like it because the main character is overweight and struggling. I'm always overweight and struggling... :(

Well, more later! :)

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