Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My ultimate TBR part one...

Hi there!

Since I have been watching many YouTube videos about books, I found this great idea for this blog. I will start writing more "tags" that I have borrowed from others who have either created the tag or have been tagged themselves on Booktube... Booktube is a community on YouTube where people post videos about books. My voice doesn't work, so I can not post videos... Today I am going to start with a list of books that I want to read during my life. I will post more lists if I forget or there's too many for one post. Here is my TBR for the rest of my life. 😊 these are in completely random order.

The Lord of the Rings

Jane Eyre

Wuthering Heights


Sense and sensibility


To Kill a Mockingbird

The Scarlet Letter

Every book ever written by Stephen King

Every book ever written by John Irving

Well... That's it for today. I will get back to the list later.

Good night!

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