Saturday, June 24, 2017

Readers, I am back! πŸ˜„

Hello there!

How are you all doing? Welcome back to my blog... Sorry I have been absent. I have yet again been fighting a reading slump. It's slowly getting better. I am on my summer vacation, just taking it easy. I have been trying to get more time to read but always something gets in the way...

A short update

I have so far this year read 14 books, so I am 3 books behind schedule but compared to last year, there has been significant progress. Some years I have read almost nothing, because of my illness and other life situations. If I get my self on a roll, I might try for 50 books this year.

Well, I am currently reading

City of Bones

Freddie Mercury

Torka aldrig tΓ₯rar utan handskar: sjukdomen

And starting

A Court of Thorns and Roses


Everything,  Everything

The best part of reading is relaxing and listening to music, forgetting all the wordly troubles and being able to decide what to read and when to read. My life would be much more boring if I didn't have books...

Recently I have been subscribing to an audio book service and I haven't been listening to them for a long time, but every time I get a new credit, I find something new to start reading and listening to... I always buy audio books that I already have the physical copy of. I want to read and listen.

Well,  that's all for now.

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