Saturday, January 5, 2019

Reader, I finished the book(s)...

Hello everyone!

Happy Bookish New Year!!!

I joined as per usual, my Goodreads challenge for 2019... My goal is to read as much as possible. My official number is 104, that is two books/week. That is quite unrealistic, so I hope I will still read AT LEAST 39 books. My ultimate low goal is to read "more books than last year". With an almost all time low of 19 books read, my reading last year went really not so well. lol It was awful. BUT! Happy to say: I have already finished two books this year! I started them last year, but it's allowed for me, in my challenge. lol... Today I finished for the third time: Orange is the New Black. This time I listened and read it at the same time. On Wednesday I finished Anne på Grönkulla. It was also a re-read, I have read it at least five-ten times during my life... Now I'm reading many short books and some thicker ones that I have 100 pages or less or a little more left in. So, I will be soon finishing many more books... It's the blessings of reading many books at the same time lol.

More Later!


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