Friday, March 20, 2020

Reading is fundamental...

Hi there!

 I'm  back!

Now is the time we book lovers have been waiting for... I cannot believe it, but I am on track on my goodreads goal! Unbelievable! Wooow... I am flabbergasted. So happy. In case you want to follow me on goodreads, here is my profile

There ya go...

I have finished eight books so far! I'm sooo happy! Maybe I will read more than 40 books this year... that would be awesome! What is YOUR reading challenge? How many books? Any special themes etc? I am re reading a lot, which is nice... but after I finish the Harry Potter books again and the Twilight books again, I might take a break from continually re reading them. I have over 100 unread books at home...

I love staying at home. Of course the reason is not fun, but it's nice to have time to focus on things at home. Usually I just rest. Now I have more energy to clean and organise my books etc. My library is never done. LoL.

More later!

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