Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Reader, the slump continues...

Hello there!

How are you? Are you reading? A lot? or are you in a reading-slump like me? I have seen many posts about how some people read really a lot and some are slumping into a slump... It is horrible. I wish I would be one of those people who read a lot... lol... 

I have listened to many audiobooks this year. Some people debate if a audiobook is a book or not... Just realized: The word it self should be answer enough: audio BOOK! lol... I think listening to an audiobook is some form of reading. It is fun, it is fast it is easy and it is very interesting. Usually I read and listen at the same time. It is like a movie in my head lol.

So, hope you do not get offended when I think an audiobook is a book and listening to one is reading, of sorts. It is only my opinion. You do not have to agree. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine. Hope you do not have a cow of my early morning post. It is 3.15 a.m. here in Finland at the moment and I am sleepless in Tampere lol

My library is still "under construction" and I am constantly re-organizing my bookshelves... It is a never-ending story hahhah. It is fun and interesting. I have hundreds of unread books... YES! I am a hoarder. I remember when people were freaking out because the libraries were closing... They were running our of books. Then I remembered the comfort and security of my library at home with 500+ books. I love my books. 

I hope to get out of this slump asap. 
Take care! 

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