Monday, May 4, 2020

The Worst Reading Slump EVER!!!

Hello there people!

Oh dear... I have not read much in the last 1-2 weeks. A little here and there. WAAAYYY too little. I feel good and okay otherwise, I just miss my reading groove, which I was experiencing at the beginning of this year. This sucks. I know a few tricks that might help me.... They are:

- Listen to an audiobook

This makes the book(s) fly by and it is "easy" to just listen, not having to choose and pick a physical book, then drag it to the spot you want to read it in, or many books, in case you want to pick and switch when your mood changes (that is what I do a LOT)...

- Read & listen to an audiobook

Goes by faster, pages fly by and you feel accomplished and thus are encouraged by your success.

- Pick shorter books/audiobooks

This is the best! They are so great to finish in a day or two.

- Re-read an old favorite

This is amazing. Always helps me. The best combo is to re-read, re-listen an old favorite. For example the Harry Potter books read by Stephen Fry. Awesomeness!

Those are a few of my tips and tricks, you are welcome lol

I am like two books (!) behind on my goodreads goal... It is awful. I will try to rectify the situation ASAP.

More later!

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