Friday, October 28, 2016

Hey there! :)

Hey there!

So... The read-a-thon is over... The last hours of the read-a-thon that I was awake, I started this book:

All the light we cannot see

I got it from the bookstore a few months ago. I'm now on page 112... It is really good so far... Then, a few weeks ago I got this book: All the birds in the sky I started it yesterday. I always read many books at the same time. At first, I confused it with this book: All the bright places Which I also want to read. I'm going to read it later. But I'm glad I also got to read All the birds in the sky because I REALLY like it so far... I seem to have a thing for books with titles that start with the words: All The... lol :P

I love goodreads. I love the different groups on there. I'm most active in Bookworm Bitches. :)

Now, I HAVE to continue reading... ;)

I'll try and update this blog more.
Have a great weekend! :)

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