Friday, October 4, 2019

A book with me everywhere.

Good afternoon!

Do you guys bring a book with you everywhere you go? I do. Sometimes I bring two! Sometimes three! lol. I am addicted... I cannot stand the thought of being somewhere without the possibility to escape into a book. I bring a book with me to church too! I just have to. (other than the scriptures of course). I love to read on the bus, on the train, especially on a plane. I read at parties, before the doctor's appointment etc. Books are what I need...

My good old English Teacher in high school said once (when I said I wanted to become an English teacher too) "Hope you like reading!" HA! I wasn't much of a reader back then. Well, I read a lot, but not so horribly much. Now I read a lot more. I hope I have done him proud. I have a blog! About books! In English! It is miraculous! For me at least lol...

Today I have continued with IT by Stephen King. IT is so awesome!

When I have a book that I do not have an audiobook to, I listen to music either on Spotify or just my old CD's. Music is my other passion. I can sometimes combine them, when I read and listen to music. It needs to be a certain kind of music nowadays. Not too "energetic" and not a lot of new lyrics. It can be soundtracks, music from my youth that I have listened before to, when I have read the same book, because I re-read books a lot.

I am happy today. I am happy with my books and because of my books. Now I'll go a read for a bit...

More later!

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