Thursday, October 3, 2019


Hello and good afternoon from Finland!

So, I have figured out the reason to my current slump. I am so interested in IT and still want to "save IT for later", and drag IT on, so IT would last longer... But! I can not read much else, without the feeling that I am cheating on IT. LOL. I know, crazy! IT is a difficult situation...

So, I have decided to kinda just race through the last 400ish pages left of IT. I have IT on audiobook. I listen to double speed, I usually can read 50 pages in 30 minutes- one hour. Often I find myself reading at least 100 pages a day! Which is crazy for me! I NEVER READ/LISTEN THAT FAST! IT is a miracle!!! I am happy... I looove big books, and I cannot lieee... Books are better than people. Books are my LIFE. Books before boys, yo!

Yeah. I drank too much Pepsi today, again. No surprises there...

NEWSFLASH! I am re-organizing my library! It is a big, confounded, ugly mess in here right now... Books everywhere! My desk is filled, with a little teeny weeny space for my laptop. Ridiculous. Really, it is...

Later, when I have organized my books and my entire library, I will try to remember to post some pics of it... I also collect some other stuff, so be prepared! It is not all books. A lot of stuff that I collect end up in the library, because it is kinda my "hobby room" LOL

I have tried to think about how many books I have actually read during my life so far... I believe it is less than 1000 and more than 100... LOL. That is a pretty broad estimate. Rough. I know. Many of the books I have read, I have put back on my TBR because darn girl, they just sooo good! So, I own maybe 500+ books. Yeah, but most of them are on my TBR... Either as a re-read or a "brand-new-read".

More later!

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