Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dewey's 24-hour Readathon April 2019

Hello, dear reader...

Today, Dewey's Readathon is happening again!!! YAY! This time, I will be very realistic with my goal/s, almost pessimistic lol... Here in Finland, the readathon will commence at 3 pm. i.e. 15.00 o'clock, as we put it here in Finland. Spring has sprung (next week winter is going to make an re-appearance I've heard...) so, there is lots of light, sunshine etc. even WARMTH! WoW! If I am able and have the time, I'm going to read outside a little. BUT! My Best Friend is having her Birthday party today... It starts 1-2 pm ish... Sooo... My Readathon won't be able to start before the evening. To top it all off, we're having a conference via the web, for all church members, all over the world. Sigh! I will be very pessimistic and honestly declare: I will maybe only able to finish one book. "A monster calls" by Patrick Ness. I'm on page 90-something, and there is like 200-something pages in the book... It's not illustrated. I borrowed it months ago from the Library (Metso). Sooo... Good luck y'all!

More later!
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