Friday, August 25, 2017

Anne with an E

Hi there!

Lately I have been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables- series. I've already made it to the fourth book: Anne of Winde Poplars. It is the one where Anne and Gilbert exchange letters while they are both working in different locations while waiting for each other. There had been some back and forth between them, Anne couldn't quite decide what she wants. Now they are engaged, finally! I have been waiting for this since book one. 😊

The thing I like about these books is the beautiful descriptions of the nature, the comedic adventures of both Anne and her friends. It's just such a beautiful series. The first time I read it, I was maybe 13... It left a lasting impression. I have been loving the series ever since.

Anne is such a whimsical, funny person. I always had a crush on Gilbert. I wanted red hair. My best friend in my childhood and I loved these books and wrote letters just like Anne and Diana.

More later!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"There was no possibility of taking a walk that day..." :)

Hi there folks!

What's up? As some of you might guess from the title of this post; I have finally started reading Jane Eyre again... When I studied English at the University of Stockholm, I read the whole book, almost. :P I was sooo intrigued by it and just couldn't get myself to continue after the "fire-incident". It was so good, so exciting... But for some reason, I wanted to "save the book for later"... So I never did finish it. But! Now I have started it again, from the very beginning... After I have read it I plan to start over with the "Thursday Next"-series, of which "The Eyre Affair" is the first part. I have indeed read that one before. It was really good. Goofy, funny, different... :) But, the REAL Jane Eyre is of course a Classic... Then, after I have finished the complete series of Thursday Next, I'm going to read "Wuthering Heights" and then a parody of it: "Wuthering Bites" :) LOL... Looks like I have my work cut out for me... :P

Anyhow... I just finished City of Bones a couple of days ago, it was really good! I don't know if I'm going to continue with the series, maybe someday. It was a bit too dark for me... And maybe, just maybe, I'm getting too old for YA... "GASP!" There, I said it. "Too old for YA"... Yikes! :(

An interesting book I've been reading is the biography of Freddie Mercury. For some reason I really like biographies... They're interesting! And not at all boring, as some people suggest or just believe, even though they haven't read a single biography. LOL. I'm thinking of heading to the Library today. Just cause. ;) I am a poor person, who has spent all her money this month on Barbies and Ponies (which I also collect, besides books of course...) :) So, to the library I (might) go! I'm sometimes very indecisive... It sucks. Well, soooooooooo... At the library I will try to find:

Cassandra Clare books
Stephenie Meyer's newest (which I will buy later, for sures...)
and maybe some other book that has been recommended to me, or a surprise! ;)

The library is a great place <3

I have noticed, since I'm a person who loves to drink caffeined drinks, sodas, not coffee, I have noticed that I think and write more and better when I haven't eaten too much (just like, a little) and drunk a lot of sodas with caffeine... Lol... That was just a sideremark... :P Other sodas are good for inspiration too, as long as they are tasty.

Speaking of Taystee... I'm re-reading OITNB, for the third time! I'm listening to it on audio and also reading at the same time, or sometimes just listening, because I know pretty much what is happening.

Finally, some interesting stuff about me. I did a test online, how big my vocabulary is in different languages... I got 30780 in Swedish, that is my native tongue. Then 16680 in Finnish, which is officially my second native tongue... Prettty weak, eh? Then, Spanish and German were at the level of a 10-year old child. Even though I haven't studied either... Then, the sugar at the bottom of the bowl (or whatever): ... Are you ready? ENGLISH 22200! Which is a lot, for me. More than my second native tongue. More than some of my friends on Facebook (who are American)... It just blew me away, and made me so so happy.  That confirmed in my mind, the fact that I did chose the right subject to study at the University :) Sorry, too much horn-blowing. It will stop now...

Have a great day! :)