Friday, February 24, 2017

Helmet reading challenge 2017 part two

Here's the list
1. A book’s name is beautiful
2. A book discussed in reading blogs
3. Finnish classics
4. A book inspiring wellness and wellbeing
5. A book about travelling in the wild
6. A book with many storytellers
7. A book written under a pen name
8. A book about Finnish history
9. A book inspired by some work of art
10. A book with a beautiful cover
11. A book written by an acknowledged professional
12. A book about politics and politicians
13. ”Your story” book
14. A book you’d chose by its summary on the book cover
15. A book about a hobby
16. A book which has got some award abroad
17. A book cover colors are blue and white
18. There are no less than four words in a book’s name
19. A “one day story” book
20. A book about a disabled or seriously ill person
21. A hero story or a book about a brave person
22. A book with illustrations
23. A translated book
24. A book about solving a crime
25. A book where nobody dies
26. A family story
27. A book about a place where you live (or where you come from)
28. You have read only one book by this author before
29. A book’s main character can do something which you would like to learn
30. There is a word ”feel/feeling” in a book’s name
31. Fantasy book
32. A book that has inspired a work of art
33. A book about India
34. A book about the times when you were not born yet
35. There is a proper noun in a book’s name
36. A biography or memoir
37. A book by an author who has written more than 20 books
38. There is a wedding in a book
39. A book about aging
40. A book by a writer who comes from a different (from yours) culture
41. There is an animal on a book’s cover
42. A debut book
43. A book that you have planned to read for a long time
44. A book about faith or religion
45. A book about a Finnish woman
46. A book by a writer from Oceania
47. A book that would cover two subjects from the challenge list
48. A book about something which you know only a little bit
49. A new book of 2017
50. A book recommended by a librarian

The goal is to read books that either fit one category or more 😊

Monday, February 20, 2017

Holding up the universe

Hello there!

My new favorite book, that I'm reading is holding up the universe. I really love this book. The chapters are short, it makes you read faster, because usually for me, if the chapter is really long, I get discouraged and take a "brake" which sometimes can last for months... lol "Holding up the Universe" is a really fun book. It's about this curvy/big girl whose mother died when she was young and the girl starts to eat, trying to escape reality. Now she has lost some of the weight and is back in school. Then there is this guy who has a disorder that makes him unable to recognize people. Like, he looks at a face and has no clue who it is. Even his family members are strangers. He usually identifies people from their voice, hair-do etc. Well, I haven't read much further than this and I don't want to post spoilers :P It's just a very good book. I've become interested in books that take place in school. Weird. Maybe I'm trying to relive my lost childhood. :) lol

Reading is the best. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Helmet Reading Challenge 2017 TBR

Hi there!

Here is my TBR for the Helmet Reading Challenge 2017. My TBR is on Goodreads...

My TBR for the Helmet Reading Challenge 2017

It's constantly changing, though. I can't stick to one book, I love reading many books and change my reading goals. What can I say? I'm a weird reader 😉

Lately I have been re-reading my "old " favorites. For example

Les Misérables



Les Misérables is one of my most favorite books of all time. It's simply a magical story. So beautiful. I read it in Swedish, because my French is not good enough. And Twilight I have read five times before. It is "easy reading ". I know the story by heart. It is not quite like the movie. Of course. Nobody ever gets the movie right. Lol...

Well, that's all for now.

Have a great new week!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reading, I love it!

Hello there!

Wow, it took a looong time to get over my reading slump... I hope it doesn't come back anytime soon... I have an audiobook account and every month I get one book for the one credit I get each month. Yesterday I bought one of my all-time favorite books.

Orange is the new black

It's about a lady who committed a crime ten years ago and finally, the past has caught up on her and she gets named by her ex.girlfriend in court and so she is charged with drug-money smuggling... She ends up in Danbury women's prison and gets 15 months. Her name is Piper Kerman, and this is a book written by her about her time in prison. I've read it twice before and now I'm listening to the audiobook and reading while listening.

I can relate to this book because I was in a hospital for eight months when I was 17. It was a mental hospital, the ward was for youth. Everyday I think about my experience there. It was really something :P I love Orange is the New Black because it's such a interesting book and it touches my heart. The way the ladies take care of each other is wonderful.

I'm also counting this towards my Helmet reading challenge

It fits into several categories, for example:

36: a memoir
18: there are no less than four words in the title...

I love this challenge!