Tuesday, November 3, 2020

B is for Books


The readathon was a success. Now I'm back into my reading-groove... I have finished 35 books this year so far, my new goal is 45... Wish me luck! I believe I can still finish 10 books this year, it might be doable. I am happy. Books are happiness.

Soon I will have finished Anne of Greengables 3, Harry Potter 7 and a few others. I have been reading a few books for over a year! I am stuck! Thank goodness I still can remember what has happened, no need to start over... That is awesome.

My favorite book of this year so far (not a re-read, I do not count them, they are all my favorites lol) : 

Jonathan Ness: Over the Top


Brandon Sanderson: Way of Kings

I am currently reading and listening to Words of Radiance, also by Brandon Sanderson, the second part in the Stormlight archive. It is also very good indeed. I am buddy-reading it. Also I am reading many other books at the moment. I started "Sleeping Beauties" by Stephen King and Owen King. It is good, so far.

I will try to finish all of the Anne of GreenGables -books this year. There are 9 in total and I am now on number 3, soon finished with it actually, only 100 pages left. It is lovely. It is probably my favorite bookseries of all time, I read them in Swedish because I got them when I was a little girl from my mother as a gift.