Friday, November 23, 2018

Svenska böcker... :)


Good morning everybody! Today we will talk about Swedish books <3

I moved to Sweden 2001 in January. I lived there until December 2012. In the capitol of Sweden: Stockholm. Well, the first year I lived in the suburbs. Then, in April/May 2002 I moved to Kungsholmen, in the center of Stockholm. My closest bookstore was 2,5 blocks away, what a luxury! It is called Akademibokhandeln. It is awesome! My two favorite bookstores in Sweden are NK Bokhandel and Akademibokhandeln on Mäster Samuelsgatan, both in the very heart of Stocholm, near Sergels torg... I studied English and Finnish at the University of Stockholm on/off for 11 years. The University became my second home in Sweden. Too bad I didn't study Literature too... That is, in Sweden if you study literature, it is of course Swedish literature. LOL. Instead I studied English and Finnish... Well, I love those languages of course a lot too. Swedish just happens to be my first native tongue lol. Sooo... I never got to dig deep into Swedish literature, except in Finnish when we read a few Finland-Swedish authors. I read "Den amerikanska flickan" by Monica Fagerholm and "Drakarna över Helsingfors", they were of course written in a bit different Swedish... And it all happened in Finland. In the Helsinki are too... It is no big mystery but I really do not like the Swedish they speak in Helsinki... I don't like Helsinki that much, just a little. IF I would write a book, it would take place here in Tampere and in Stockholm and in Jakobstad <3 Like my life has taken place lol... That I why I'm re.considering writing a book about my life... BUT!!!! Those things are completely off point sorry!!!


Back to the point. When I moved to Sweden, I was not so into Swedish literature. Not so much into literature, period. Which is strange, since I started studying English and later on Finnish, which studies required a lot of reading... lol... My old English teacher once said: "Yeah, you can study English but you gotta love reading!" I was like: "Of course! I do love reading!" Now in hindsight I realize what he meant lol. When you study any language, READING IN FUNDAMENTAL. lol Sooo, not just a little, a LOT! Really really really much! I am kinda sad that I wasn't such a huge reader before my time in Sweden... But now I have mended my ways... lol

Swedish literature that I like are mostly in three categories:

Swedish crime/horror
Swedish children's literature
Swedish "religious, old fiction"

Let me explain... My favorite authors from Sweden are all crime, children's and religious fiction writers. I would say that my most favorite books from Sweden are "Låt den rätte komma in" by John Ajvide Lindqvist, "Tordyveln flyger i skymmningen" by Maria Gripe and one I'm still woring on: "Utvarndrarna" by Wilhelm Moberg. Okay, so I just realized I have read mostly crime novels from Sweden... It was years since I read "Tordyveln..." and I have been stuck on page 100-something in "Utvandrarna" for ages. I have seen the musical "Kristina från Duvemåla" and listened to the music a million times, that is based on the novels about the Swedish immigrants going to the Americas, so I know the story well and the musical is pretty true to the books... It's four parts. Thick books. Well, I just also realized that I need to widen my horizons... I need to read other books in Sweidsh, other than Crime, horror, Childern's books and Religious epic fiction stories. One other Religious book is "Jerusalem". It is still on my TBR... :)

So, if you are a Swede or know a lot about good Swedish books, let me know what I should read :)

Hey! :)

Hello there!

This past month I have been finding more ways on overcoming reading slumps. :) FINALLY! 

I have listened to audiobooks, re-read old favorites, started some books that have been YEARS on my shelves etc. Now I'm completely hooked! :) Can't stop reading. So many on my TBR that I have decided to only buy books if they are the next one in the series and I have read the previous part and if they are on my TBR, no more "surprise"-bookshopping lol... NEVER AGAIN! I have ended up with sooo many wierd and "bad" books... I used to be so impulsive as a bookbuyer. It was crazy... I went to Gran Canaria a few weeks ago. I found a great book in the hotel's library: "Just in Case" by Meg Rosoff <3 It is such a gem. I really liked it. It completely sucked me in. Thank goodness for books like that! Now I have started a book that I have owned a few years: "Possessed" by Niki Valentine. First of all, I play the piano, as does the main character. And second: I love stories with twins in them... :)

Today it's Black Friday. I'm not going to buy a new book or many new books, I'm going to "shop" on my own shelf lol. There are probably over 100 unread books in my library... I know CRAZY!!! :( I have been an impulsive shopper and a lazy reader... What can I say? I'm bad... lol

More later! :)