Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Hi! :) reading slumps sucks...


Hello hello! :)

I have been in a severe reading slump since February... I visited my parents in July and read a few really short books and DNF'd a few too... I have read the first book, the pink one in Finnish, three times this year as an audiobook, I like it so much! And I am currently reading many books but focusing a lot on "the girl who played with fire" by Stieg Larsson (reading it in my native tongue of Swedish) and "one day" by David Nicholls. :) they are pretty okay.

I am trying to catch up on my Reading challenge on goodreads. I have started marking DNF's as read because I need revenge because they wasted my time... lol. I know, I am a bit weird. :D I just can't with some books and then get angry at them for being bad. 

here is my goodreads challenge:

I am currently sprinting with Jordaline from Canada, a booktuber on youtube... Here is a link to her awesome channel: 

Have a great "time of the day"! :) lol

Monday, January 9, 2023

The two first books of 2023 :)


I have had a slow reading start to the year but today I finished two books:

TJ Klune: Under the whispering door (audiobook, my third time listening to it as an audiobook on Scribd)


 Raisa Omaheimo: Ratkaisuja läskeille. Audiobook on Bookbeat.

 *Under the whispering door* by TJ Klune is a re-listen and one of my favorite soft fantasy books. I listened to it twice in 2021. This book is like a warm hug. It's about grief, death and sorrow. It's one of the few books that has made me shed tears in the recent years. There are some triggering parts, in which case you might want to google some spoiler free reviews, just in case. Wallace is dead and he is brought to a Tea shop by a reaper and is waiting to cross over to the other side. Wallace was a bit of a butthole in life and in death he becomes a little or a lot better. The nice people who are at the Tea shop help him to learn and grow. This book is very heart-warming and cozy. If you are open minded and up to reading wonderful stories about tragic and beautiful life stories, I really recommend this book. 4/5 stars. Not five stars because it was a little dragging in some parts in my humble opinion.

*Ratkaisuja läskeille* by Raisa Omaheimo. Freely translated: *Solutions for fatsos*. This book was such a good one. I would want all of my friends who have ever been on a diet or told someone else to go on a diet, or has had any problems with being overweight etc. to read this amazing book! I saw red and got really wound up by this book. It made me sad, mad and proud at the same time. It is a book with kind of experiences and facts and opinions that I have been thinking for years and some I just realizerd I should have been thinking and voicing. It is not a problem to be fat. It's not something wrong with you if you are overweight. If you have a problem with fat people, it's your problem, not the fat person's problem. You need to rethink dieting, weight-loss, BMI and healthy and unhealthy views of your own weight. I think this book is simply brilliant. After I read it, (aka listened to it in one sitting), I wrote a little note in Finnish to myself that said: I am a fat activitst. I do not support fatphobia or fat hate. This was such a powerful experience for me. I cried a little. This lady, the author, really knew all the struggles. I will recommend it to EVERYONE. 5/5 stars


That's it for the first two books :) My goal is to read 88 books in 2023 and to write a review of each and every one! Wish me luck! :)