Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Ultimate TBR for 2021

 Hi there everyone! 

My ultimate tbr for 2021 is still under construction... lol. But here is the link to my current plan. 

My ultimate tbr 2021

I'll update it later. 


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

bookworm catch-up challenge 2021

 Hello again! 

There is one more challenge I will try to combine with my other challenges next year. It's in a group on Goodreads: Bookworm B*tches :) Here is a link to that one as well ...

Bookworm catch-up challenge

I'm going to post my selection later for that as well :)


take care!

Perkeet 2021 reading challenge (in Finnish)

 Hello there!

I am trying to participate in another reading challenge in 2021... It's a challenge with books that are boring, bad etc. lol. Here is a link to the challenge, it's in Finnish.


I'll post later my list of choices for this challenge :)


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

HELMET Reading Challenge 2021 :)

 Hello there!

I will be participating in the 2021 Helmet reading challenge. Here is a link to the challenge (in English).


There are 50 different kinds of challenge points. I will maybe combine a few, if I'm having trouble finding one book for each point... This year (2020) I read 40 books, so I hope I can make it in 2021 and read at least 41. I always try to read my age in books lol.

I will post later my choices for each point or task. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

B is for Books


The readathon was a success. Now I'm back into my reading-groove... I have finished 35 books this year so far, my new goal is 45... Wish me luck! I believe I can still finish 10 books this year, it might be doable. I am happy. Books are happiness.

Soon I will have finished Anne of Greengables 3, Harry Potter 7 and a few others. I have been reading a few books for over a year! I am stuck! Thank goodness I still can remember what has happened, no need to start over... That is awesome.

My favorite book of this year so far (not a re-read, I do not count them, they are all my favorites lol) : 

Jonathan Ness: Over the Top


Brandon Sanderson: Way of Kings

I am currently reading and listening to Words of Radiance, also by Brandon Sanderson, the second part in the Stormlight archive. It is also very good indeed. I am buddy-reading it. Also I am reading many other books at the moment. I started "Sleeping Beauties" by Stephen King and Owen King. It is good, so far.

I will try to finish all of the Anne of GreenGables -books this year. There are 9 in total and I am now on number 3, soon finished with it actually, only 100 pages left. It is lovely. It is probably my favorite bookseries of all time, I read them in Swedish because I got them when I was a little girl from my mother as a gift.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

In the final stretch

 Hi all! 

There are a little less than two hours left of this readathon. It has been amazing. I have gotten my reading groove back! Yeah, I have been in a bit of a slump. Nothing new under the sun... lol. I have been reading Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, also listening to it. I read a bit of Anne of green gables 3, I think I will try to finish it in a little while. Also, start Anne of green gables 4 right away. I might be able to finish Harry Potter 5 too, I only have about 150 pages left. 

Great progress

Hi there peeps! 

This picture is from last night, when I was reading Anne of Green gables 3. In Swedish, my book from my childhood. I have 100 pages left. Right now I'm going to participate in a church meeting online, but after it's done, I'll have 2 hours left to read. This morning I have been listening to Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. 


Saturday, October 24, 2020

The hour is upon us...

 hi there 😊 

So far so good. I have read and listened to approximately 70 pages of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. Then I participated in an online meeting from the church, which took two hours. So now I am finally free to read again, lots more! My tbr is huge and eclectic, with almost endless possibilities. Lol 😆 

I'm going to continue with Harry Potter and then maybe switch it up a bit. BTW, I have read the Harry Potter books many times, so this is a re read. 

Good luck ya'll! 

Dewey's 24hour readathon 24th October 2020

Hello there!

Today, at this very moment, the readathon has just started. 
Since I have been a bit lazy during the last few months, I've decided to use this opportunity to catch up on my reading, I am actually going to try to read and listen to as many books as possible... on goodreads I have increased my goal for this year! My goal is now 45 books! I have read 33 books so far... I have no snacks for this Readathon, except a little juice and some salted peanuts. 

Wish me luck! 


Thursday, September 10, 2020

hi 👋

Hi there! 

I have been on a roll! I listened to Harry Potter 1-3 in a few days, also I often read at the same time. It has been very useful to be able to use audio books to help me get some reading done. I've read 30 books so far this year, I am 3 books ahead of schedule, which is incredible. My goal is to read 40 books this year. 

I'm happy. Books make me feel better. 

I have bought a lot of books this year... lol. 

The best books I've read this year are probably my rereads of my old favorites. 

Anne of green gables by LM Montgomery 
The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling 

Those are awesome. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Happiness is books

Hi there! 
Today I am going to be indulgent and start reading these three books, even though I have so many other books going on... wish me luck! 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Readathon update


I have been very tired all day but I have listened to 5 chapters of Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince, also read a little in the way of kings... now I just woke up from my nap. Going to continue now. Here is a picture of part of my TBR... lol

Friday, August 7, 2020

Hi! The readathon starts...

 Hello there!

The Dewey's reverse readathon started three hours ago, I just got woken up by my cats for their breakfast so I thought I would join. It is six in the morning here in Finland. I opened up my computer to listen to spotify, remembered the readathon and decided to try to start reading. I am really tired though... LOL. 

Here is a link to the readathon:

It is so fun. I have decided to try to participate in some of the challenges. :) Some of them include posting pictures on instagram. Here is a link to my instagram:

This morning I am really tired, but when you gotta read you gotta read... LOL

My TBR is a bit ever-changing lol. It MIGHT be as follows:

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre

JK Rowling: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn and Life and Death

... so yeah ...

I am going to switch between those. I won't probably finish any of them, except maybe Gatsby... It is short. My classics club on discord is reading it this month. I love me some good classics. I think I will like it. I also am going to listen to it at the same time.

Let's begin! :)

Reader, I am back sooner than expected lol

 Hi Everyone!

How are you? Have you been reading? What have you been reading? Do you like it? Why? :)


I am happy and hyper... I have been slipping in and out of a horrible reading slump. But it is a lot better now. I am buddy reading a book: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. It is THICK. Over 1200 pages! WOW... I am now on page 602. It is really good. I just get stuck so easily. My buddy that I am reading it with is over 200 pages ahead of me.... That is bad. But I will read it nonetheless.

Books are better than people. 

Yeah. Felt the need to say that lol. Sometimes I get the urge to remind myself of the fact that even though people can be mean and weird and whatnot, books are always your friends. Mine too. They are so awesome. I wish I could read all the books on my TBR. Time would need to stretch out a bit more lol... I am getting old. I am already 40... If I read 40 + books a year, I might read the majority of books on my TBR. That would be nice. Here is my TBR:

Many I have read before and want to read again. I love me some re-reads. 

More later!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Dewey's Readathon preparations

 Hi There! 

Tonight, my time, at 3.00 a.m. the Dewey's Reverse readathon is starting. It starts for everyone at the same time, that is why it is in the middle of the night for me lol. I will probably start in the morning, because I might be asleep at 3.00 a.m. LOL. I have missed Dewey's... It is so fun. I think Dewey's readathon was one of the first things I wrote about in this blog... It was fun.

I have, not surprisingly, been in a reading slump... I am getting out of it though, that makes me happy. I have been reading Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings. It is really good. If you have or have not tried fantasy, I really recommend it to everyone. It is just so good. I like the character and the world they are in. 

Today I am going to the dentist in the late afternoon, but other than that, I will be reading hopefully a lot. Yesterday I read and listened to 70 pages of Jane Eyre, I started it, and a few chapters of The Way of Kings. 

Have a great literary weekend and hope you can participate in the readathon! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

reading challenges

  1. Read a YA nonfiction book
  2. Read a retelling of a classic of the canon, fairytale, or myth by an author of color
  3. Read a mystery where the victim(s) is not a woman
  4. Read a graphic memoir
  5. Read a book about a natural disaster
  6. Read a play by an author of color and/or queer author
  7. Read a historical fiction novel not set in WWII
  8. Read an audiobook of poetry
  9. Read the LAST book in a series
  10. Read a book that takes place in a rural setting
  11. Read a debut novel by a queer author
  12. Read a memoir by someone from a religious tradition (or lack of religious tradition) that is not your own
  13. Read a food book about a cuisine you’ve never tried before
  14. Read a romance starring a single parent
  15. Read a book about climate change
  16. Read a doorstopper (over 500 pages) published after 1950, written by a woman
  17. Read a sci-fi/fantasy novella (under 120 pages)
  18. Read a picture book with a human main character from a marginalized community
  19. Read a book by or about a refugee
  20. Read a middle-grade book that does not take place in the USA or UK 

Today I found this awesome reading challenge: the book Riot read harder challenge ! I will try to fill it đŸ€—

1. YA nonfiction: wonder by Palacio

2. Retelling by person of color:

3. Read a mystery... not woman: 

4. Graphic memoir: 

5. Natutal disaster: 

6. Play: 

7. Historical fiction not ww 2: 

8. Audiobook of poetry: 

9. Last book in a series: Harry Potter 7

10. Rural setting : a rural Affair 

11. Debut: 

12. Religion not own : Unorthodox (read in 2020)

13. Food never tried: 

14. Romance single parent: 

15. Climate change :

16. Doorstopper woman 1950< : 

17. Fantasy sci fi novella under 120 pages :

18. Picture book: 

19. Refugee: 

20. Middle grade : Agnes Cecilia by Maria Gripe

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Reader, the slump continues...

Hello there!

How are you? Are you reading? A lot? or are you in a reading-slump like me? I have seen many posts about how some people read really a lot and some are slumping into a slump... It is horrible. I wish I would be one of those people who read a lot... lol... 

I have listened to many audiobooks this year. Some people debate if a audiobook is a book or not... Just realized: The word it self should be answer enough: audio BOOK! lol... I think listening to an audiobook is some form of reading. It is fun, it is fast it is easy and it is very interesting. Usually I read and listen at the same time. It is like a movie in my head lol.

So, hope you do not get offended when I think an audiobook is a book and listening to one is reading, of sorts. It is only my opinion. You do not have to agree. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine. Hope you do not have a cow of my early morning post. It is 3.15 a.m. here in Finland at the moment and I am sleepless in Tampere lol

My library is still "under construction" and I am constantly re-organizing my bookshelves... It is a never-ending story hahhah. It is fun and interesting. I have hundreds of unread books... YES! I am a hoarder. I remember when people were freaking out because the libraries were closing... They were running our of books. Then I remembered the comfort and security of my library at home with 500+ books. I love my books. 

I hope to get out of this slump asap. 
Take care! 

Monday, May 4, 2020

The Worst Reading Slump EVER!!!

Hello there people!

Oh dear... I have not read much in the last 1-2 weeks. A little here and there. WAAAYYY too little. I feel good and okay otherwise, I just miss my reading groove, which I was experiencing at the beginning of this year. This sucks. I know a few tricks that might help me.... They are:

- Listen to an audiobook

This makes the book(s) fly by and it is "easy" to just listen, not having to choose and pick a physical book, then drag it to the spot you want to read it in, or many books, in case you want to pick and switch when your mood changes (that is what I do a LOT)...

- Read & listen to an audiobook

Goes by faster, pages fly by and you feel accomplished and thus are encouraged by your success.

- Pick shorter books/audiobooks

This is the best! They are so great to finish in a day or two.

- Re-read an old favorite

This is amazing. Always helps me. The best combo is to re-read, re-listen an old favorite. For example the Harry Potter books read by Stephen Fry. Awesomeness!

Those are a few of my tips and tricks, you are welcome lol

I am like two books (!) behind on my goodreads goal... It is awful. I will try to rectify the situation ASAP.

More later!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dewey's 24-hour readathon, April 2020


and welcome to my first post about Dewey's 24-hour readathon in April 2020.

I will post my TBR in a little while... This readathon starts at 3 pm my time. It is now 1.30 ish here, so 1,5 hours approximately before it starts! It will be fun! I sometimes get so little read but today I will really try my best.

Some preparations:

comfy place to read
reading music
audiobooks at hand


I love Dewey's... I think I have participated since 2016 or something. It is great.

More later!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Good literary morning :)

Hello there!

How are you? I have been feeling better, and my reading has been ok. I have not read really much but I have not been not reading either. I'm happy to be a book hoarder lol. What would I do now? If I did not have my library here at home? I shudder at the mere thought... Awful. Tragedy.

I started reading the diary of Anne Frank a few days ago and it is really good. I can almost feel like I am there, I can really imagine the places and situations. I usually read a lot of fiction, and this is obviously, not fiction. It makes me sad and I want to read the book as if Anne would be sitting next to me, telling her story.

Other than Anne Frank, I have been reading Way of  Kings by Brandon Sanderson. So far I have read the first chapter and prologue before that etc. Soon starting on chapter two. It is a really fantasy story, with so much new fantasy things, I am not quite used to it yet.

Today I will try too read as much as possible. I am one book behind on my goodreads goal :(

More later!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Books are better than people...

Hello there!

What's up? I have been down... There was a period at the start of this isolation thing, that I was reeeaaally perky and cheery. I am still, very perky and cheery, most of the time... Sometimes life just gets you down. Then you need to pick up a good book and READ! So far I have finished nine books this year! It is a personal best, actually... I am  so happy about that. Sorry I have been absent. Do not fret, do not worry! I am not ill, I am not DEAD, I am still alive and kicking (and reading lol)...

I have been searching for inspiration for this blog. One thing that really helps is Booktube. It is the community on youtube, of readers and book-reviewers. It is awesome! My favorite booktuber is Hailey! ( )

She is Canadian. She was the first ever booktuber I discovered! She is so fun and perky and energetic! I just love her style! She is nice. I recommend you check out her channel ASAP. LOL No, seriously, whatever age you are, she is fun to listen to. She also reads a lot...

Today I am going to start planning and brain-storming about what I could post about on this blog...

I have been really tired. But now that I have quit Pepsi, surprisingly I am more awake and alert. lol... Who would have thought? Weird... Maybe it is spring? Maybe it is LOVE? LOL. Who knows? It is life, and it goes up and down, like a ... merry go round? lol hihi lol

I am listening to nice music, it is making me extra-happy, that is why I am rambling...

I have been thinking of making different themes for my posts. Let me know if you can think of something you would like me to write about! I am happy to (try) to oblige...

More later!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Reading is fundamental...

Hi there!

 I'm  back!

Now is the time we book lovers have been waiting for... I cannot believe it, but I am on track on my goodreads goal! Unbelievable! Wooow... I am flabbergasted. So happy. In case you want to follow me on goodreads, here is my profile

There ya go...

I have finished eight books so far! I'm sooo happy! Maybe I will read more than 40 books this year... that would be awesome! What is YOUR reading challenge? How many books? Any special themes etc? I am re reading a lot, which is nice... but after I finish the Harry Potter books again and the Twilight books again, I might take a break from continually re reading them. I have over 100 unread books at home...

I love staying at home. Of course the reason is not fun, but it's nice to have time to focus on things at home. Usually I just rest. Now I have more energy to clean and organise my books etc. My library is never done. LoL.

More later!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Helmet reading challenge 2020 (English)

Hello! I will update this post, as I find more books for my list :)

1. The book is older than you

Little Women

2. A happy book

2000 syytÀ olla onnellinen

3. A book that you have prejudice against

Game of Thrones

4. There are many people on the cover or in the description of the book

The notebook

5. A book by a SĂĄmi author


6. The book’s title begins and ends with the same letter

the lonely polygamist

7. Someone breaks the law in the book

the polygamist's daughter
Read in February  8. A book that someone else chooses for you


9. Someone faces their fears in the book

Harry Potter 4

10. The book is located in a country that has fewer residents than Finland


11. An alternative history


12. The book has been made into a play or an opera

Jane Eyre

13. Someone gets lost in the book


14. A book that is related to sports

PitkÀ juoksu

15. A work of fiction that includes a real person


16. A book plays an important role in the book

den oÀndliga historien

17. A book written by a researcher


18. A book on a subject you are unfamiliar with


19. A book that you read together with someone

The Book of Mormon

20. A book on biodiversity


21. You like the first sentence of the book

The Bible

22. The book has an unreliable narrator


23. The book has also been published in plain language


24. A book by an author who has published more than 20 books


25. In the book, someone is on an island

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children

26. The author’s last name begins with the letter X, Y, Z, Å, Ä or Ö

Mormonit (by Kim Östman)

27. A story written in verse, narrative poetry or a verse novel


28. A book about the future


29. A book or a comic book related to Japan

Memoirs of a Geisha

30. In the book, someone’s life is saved


31. The book depicts life in the countryside


32. A book originally published in a language that you do not know

Veronika decides to die

33. A transformation happens in the book


34. The title of the book contains a word related to nature


35. Someone in the book uses social media


36. A book recommended by someone famous


37. The era in which the book is set plays a key role in the book

Sinuhe egyptilÀinen

38. There is a tree on the cover or in the description of the book


39. Someone flies in the book

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

40. A book by an author who passed away in the 2010s


41. Someone cooks or bakes in the book


42. There are grandparents in the book


43. A book published as part of a publisher’s series


44. The book contains correspondence


45. The first published book of an author


46. There is a sauna in the book


47. and 48. Two books with very similar titles


49. A book published in 2020


50. A book recommended by a member of the library staff


Perkeet lukuhaaste, Taru Luojola

Hello! My friend and author Taru has created her own reading challenge for 2020. Unfortunately, I could only find it in Finnish... But I will write the books I have chosen for each task. :)

  1. Musikaali- tai oopperalibretto
  2. Kirja, jota kirjailija itse luonnehtii raskaaksi lukea.
  3. Tietokirja aiheesta, jota olet viimeisen vuoden aikana kertonut inhoavasi.
  4. Aakkostetuista sana-artikkeleista koostuva tietokirja.
  5. PyydÀ kirjastonhoitajaa suosittelemaan eniten inhoamaansa kirjaa.
  6. VĂ€hintÀÀn 50000-sanainen valmis fanifiktiotarina, jonka alkuperĂ€ismateriaalia et tunne (lĂ€hteenĂ€ esim. tai Archive of Our Own).
  7. Pokausopas eli opas kumppanin saamiseksi.
  8. Ennen vuotta 1990 julkaistu ohjelmointiopas.
  9. Korttipelikirja.
  10. MitÀ MissÀ Milloin tai vastaava vuosikirja viime vuosituhannelta.
  11. TaidenÀyttelystÀ tai museon nÀyttelystÀ laadittu kirja.
  12. Kirja, jota useat kaverisi vihaavat, tai kirja sellaiselta kirjailijalta, jota useat kaverisi vihaavat.
  13. Kirja, joka oli suosikkisi joskus paljon nuorempana mutta jota et ole nyt vuosiin lukenut.
1. Musical or operaliboretto:


2. Book, that has been described "heavy" by the author him/herself


3. A book with facts, about a subject that you have said you hate (within the last year)




5. Ask a librarian to recommend a book they hate the most


6. A fanfic containing at least 50000 words, which you don't know what book it's based on


7. A book about hitting on somebody (how to get a girl/boyfriend etc)


8. A manual of some sort, published before 1990


9. A book of cardgames


10. A book about facts, published before 2000


11. A book about a museum or art exhibition


12. A book that one or many of your friends hate


13. A book you loved when you were a lot younger but which you haven't read in years

"Men are from Mars, Women are frrom Venus" in Finnish: "Miehet ovat marsista, naiset venuksesta"

Helmet lukuhaaste (Finnish)

1. Kirja on vanhempi kuin sinÀ
2. Iloinen kirja
3. Kirja, johon suhtaudut ennakkoluuloisesti
4. Kirjan kannessa tai kuvauksessa on monta ihmistÀ
5. Saamelaisen kirjailijan kirjoittama kirja
6. Kirjan nimi alkaa ja pÀÀttyy samalla kirjaimella
7. Kirjassa rikotaan lakia
8. Kirja, jonka joku toinen valitsee puolestasi
9. Kirjassa kohdataan pelkoja
10. Kirja sijoittuu maahan, jossa on vÀhemmÀn asukkaita kuin Suomessa
11. Vaihtoehtohistoria
12. Kirjasta on tehty nÀytelmÀ tai ooppera
13. Kirjassa eksytÀÀn
14. Urheiluun liittyvÀ kirja
15. Fiktiivinen kertomus, jossa mukana todellinen henkilö
16. Kirjalla on kirjassa tÀrkeÀ rooli
17. Tutkijan kirjoittama kirja
18. Sinulle tuntematonta aihetta kÀsittelevÀ kirja
19. Kirja, jota luet yhdessÀ jonkun kanssa
20. Luonnon monimuotoisuutta kÀsittelevÀ kirja
21. PidÀt kirjan ensimmÀisestÀ lauseesta
22. Kirjassa on epÀluotettava kertoja
23. Kirja on julkaistu myös selkokielellÀ
24. Kirja kirjailijalta, joka on kirjoittanut yli 20 kirjaa
25. Kirjassa ollaan saarella
26. Kirjailijan sukunimi alkaa kirjaimella X, Y, Z, Å, Ä tai Ö
27. Runomuotoinen kertomus, runoelma tai sÀeromaani
28. Tulevaisuudesta kertova kirja
29. Japaniin liittyvÀ kirja tai sarjakuva
30. Kirjassa pelastetaan ihminen
31. Kirjassa kerrotaan elÀmÀstÀ maaseudulla
32. Kirja on alun perin julkaistu kielellÀ, jota et osaa
33. Kirjassa tapahtuu muodonmuutos
34. Kirjan nimessÀ on luontoon liittyvÀ sana
35. Kirjassa kÀytetÀÀn sosiaalista mediaa
36. Tunnetun henkilön suosittelema kirja
37. Ajankohta on merkittÀvÀ tekijÀ kirjassa
38. Kirjan kannessa tai kuvauksessa on puu
39. Kirjassa lennetÀÀn
40. 2010-luvulla kuolleen kirjailijan kirjoittama kirja
41. Kirjassa laitetaan ruokaa tai leivotaan
42. Kirjassa on isovanhempia
43. Kustantamon kirjasarjassa julkaistu kirja
44. Kirjassa on kirjeenvaihtoa
45. Esikoiskirja
46. Kirjassa on sauna
47.-48. Kaksi kirjaa, joilla on hyvin samankaltaiset nimet
49. Vuonna 2020 julkaistu kirja
50. Kirjaston henkilökunnan suosittelema kirja

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Reading-parties galore :)

Hello there!

I'm back! lol

Did I tell you guys about my reading-group? We meet twice a month. We sit quietly for hours and read, each their own book of choice. Then, after a few hours, we stop, and tell each other about what we read. It is sooo awesome! It is like, the introvert's dream-party. I joined the group about a year ago. We have met several times at my place, too.

Yesterday I read a little in four different books:

The Polygamist's daughter (audiobook on Storytel)
The lonely Polygamist
A court of mist and fury
Narnia: The Magician's Nephew.

I am currently DNF'ing ACOMAF. I cannot take it anymore. I have lost the plot, I don't keep up with the characters etc. I am just not up to it. I will try to read it later. Maybe. I read the first part: A court of thorns and roses. It was pretty okay. This second part is just too much right now...

The lonely polygamist is a humorous story about a man with four wives and many children. He is having maybe some kind of crisis... He doesn't feel happy anymore. His wives seem very demanding. lol

The polygamist's daughter is a true story, about a man who is a "prophet" and has like maybe 12 (?) wives and over 50 children... The story is awful. I don't understand how these children have been able to cope with the kind of life they are to put up with.

Narnia 1 is a classic tale, so beautiful, funny and familiar to me. I love the story. It is a classic for children but adults can enjoy it just the same. It is beautiful. I have a huge book with all the books in one, in English and I also have them each separately in Swedish.

More later!