Sunday, October 25, 2020

In the final stretch

 Hi all! 

There are a little less than two hours left of this readathon. It has been amazing. I have gotten my reading groove back! Yeah, I have been in a bit of a slump. Nothing new under the sun... lol. I have been reading Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, also listening to it. I read a bit of Anne of green gables 3, I think I will try to finish it in a little while. Also, start Anne of green gables 4 right away. I might be able to finish Harry Potter 5 too, I only have about 150 pages left. 

Great progress

Hi there peeps! 

This picture is from last night, when I was reading Anne of Green gables 3. In Swedish, my book from my childhood. I have 100 pages left. Right now I'm going to participate in a church meeting online, but after it's done, I'll have 2 hours left to read. This morning I have been listening to Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. 


Saturday, October 24, 2020

The hour is upon us...

 hi there 😊 

So far so good. I have read and listened to approximately 70 pages of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. Then I participated in an online meeting from the church, which took two hours. So now I am finally free to read again, lots more! My tbr is huge and eclectic, with almost endless possibilities. Lol 😆 

I'm going to continue with Harry Potter and then maybe switch it up a bit. BTW, I have read the Harry Potter books many times, so this is a re read. 

Good luck ya'll! 

Dewey's 24hour readathon 24th October 2020

Hello there!

Today, at this very moment, the readathon has just started. 
Since I have been a bit lazy during the last few months, I've decided to use this opportunity to catch up on my reading, I am actually going to try to read and listen to as many books as possible... on goodreads I have increased my goal for this year! My goal is now 45 books! I have read 33 books so far... I have no snacks for this Readathon, except a little juice and some salted peanuts. 

Wish me luck!