Sunday, April 25, 2021

The end is near...

Well, I slept 8 hours, took a break watching Church on youtube. Now I'm ready to continue. I might not have read a lot but at least I'm over my slump! 🥳 that's a very good thing! 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Here we go again.. :D


Now I've slept a bit (five-ish hours lol) and woke up at  5 am and took a caffeine pill a little while ago, it feels a bit like cheating but it's for a good cause... :D I didn't read last night that much, only wrote messages with friends and my aunt. Now I'm back in business. 

I have my Finnish mead (non-alcoholic) and chocolate, in case I need it. I usually don't eat a lot in the morning, but I drink a lot of juice etc. usually. Last night I ate some garlic bread and now I'm feeling a bit ummm.... doughy :D lol. It was too much. 

Today my goal is to read a little more of my friend's book, maybe even finish it. It's called "Ei kaikki pinnat kireällä" by Taru Luojola. She is a really good author. I laugh out loud when I read her books :D I met her in 2019 on Discord. We have a little book group there that I joined then.

I'm happy. I have finished two books that had started earlier, listened a bit of The midnight library by Matt Haig and before read a bit in my friend's book. In case you missed it, it's in Finnish, my second mother tongue. It's a very fun and beautiful language.

See ya!

Reading & listening to audiobooks


I decided to listen to this audiobook if/when I need a break from holding a book lol. It's really nice. Good narrator. 

I've read/listened for 4 hours straight almost... I did fall asleep for 15 minutes. 😂 I didn't do it on purpose lol. I will not do it again, I took a caffeine pill... yes, indeed... 

I'll try to stay up late 😅 wish me luck! (It's 7 pm here now...)


Dewey's has started!!! 🥳


My goodness! This readathon has started really well. I completed Freddie Mercury by Lesley-Ann Jones (I had 150ish pages left... now I'm almost done with A life on our planet by David Attenborough. I only had 1.5 ish hours left of it. That's 2 books finished within 4 hours! Wooow! 🥳

Here are pics of my books

I listen to audiobooks 1.5-2.7 times regular speed.

Soon I'll continue with another book!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Getting ready for Dewey's 24-hour readathon 24.4.2021

 Dear readathoners and non-readathoners...

Reading-life can sometimes be a bit sucky. Especially the lack of it. I'm still in a horrible slump. Dewey's 24-hour readathon is coming at just the right time. I really need to get back into reading. It's like, when I pick up a book: "Words words words, and bla bla bla" :D True story. I am having a hard time concentrating... It is truly awful. In case you haven't heard about Dewey's, here is a link to it :

I have been participating from maybe 2015/2016, right about the time I found booktube. Also, fun fact: I started bullet journaling in May/June 2016. YaY! It has been so fun. I could sometimes share some of my bookish bullet journal's spreads. (They are called spreads, don't ask me why). 

My TBR for Dewey's has changed a bit lol. BTW: Here is a link to my warm-up post on Dewey's site, in case someone is interested:

I am happy and very honored to have had the opportunity to write a warm-up post :D It was one of my goals in life as a book blogger. Thank you, Dewey's <3 It was fun. Blogging about books is my passion, I love books, I love writing - ta-dah! LOL. It's my favorite thing.. 

Sooo... My TBR... I know I need to read and maybe finish "The neverending story" by Michael Ende, because I am hosting a book club meeting on zoom in a few weeks about it lol. I have read it twice before but it was years ago, over a decade like... woah. lol. So I need to read it. I am reading it in Swedish. I tried to read it in German but man, that's just so slow...

More later!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hello there book lovers and worms! (bookworms lol)

 Hello there!

How is everyone's reading life? How is your TBR treating you? Have you been reading a lot or been laying low bookwise? Sorry for the perkiness of this post... I'm just very happy today. Dewey's 24-hour readathon is fast approaching, the sun is shining and I'm aaalmost over my reading slump! Life is good. Books are better than people. I love big books and I cannot lie. These are things I think about every day. HAHA. True story! 

My status on Discord is actually always: I love big books and I cannot lie. :)

Because I do often prefer bigger books, thicker, more pages or just like hardcovers that you can take care of and feel that THIS is a book! LOL. No, that's just some of my crazy thoughts. Books in any format are awesome. Big books just look good on my shelves.... I have a huge Alice in Wonderland that I got because I saw Hailey in Bookland had it lol. It is sooo pretty! It's huge, it's the Complete Alice. It's "my precious" :)

Today I am going to the sleep apnea nurse at our city's hospital. The trips there and back are really short, but I can read a book while I wait. They are sometimes late... Sometimes early though. But I am almost always ridiculously early everywhere, LOL.

Today will be a good day for reading. I might even go outside and read... The sun is shining and it's pretty warm. No snow anymore, no fear of slipping on ice lol. That's always good. I just have to choose what on earth to read... I'm hosting a book club discussion in May, and since my voice is still gone, my friend Luke from the UK will be my voice and read out loud my text that I have prepared then in advance. I chose "The neverending story" by Michael Ende and I am hosting because that book got most votes. Last time I read it was in the late 90's or early 00's so I am currently re-reading it. I switched to Swedish because my German is not so good lol.

Take care! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Dewey's 24-hour readathon on the 24th of April 2021 ... getting ready ;)

 Dear reader...

What's up? How is the reading going? I've been in a horrible *physical book slump* that is, I have had a VERY hard time picking something up and read, I've mostly listened to audiobooks or read & listened at the same time. It has been horrible. I've questioned my ability to focus, to study, to learn, the works! I started a new PHYSICAL book the other day: "Washington Black" by a Canadian author: Esi Edugyan. It is sooo good! It feels like my reading slump is almost over... YAY!!!

So, let's talk about Dewey's readathon! Are you participating? Have you heard about it? Have you planned a TBR? Are you excited? :D I AM. Really excited. I love readathons, they help me get over my slumps. They are so cozy, nice, mostly pretty productive reading-wise and just a very fun time!

My TBR is a ever changing situation lol. I might mostly continue with books I have started earlier. For example:

The neverending story by Michael Ende ( reading it in German for the first time... )

Loiri by Jari Tervo ( in Finnish )

Washington Black ( DUH! )

and maybe... just maybe a little of:

Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens


City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (re-read)

So. That's it. :) Wish me luck! I wish YOU luck! BYE!!!