Monday, December 12, 2022

New books :)

 Good morning everyone! 

How's it going? I'm doing really well :)

I have read 82 books this year so far and my goal I have lowered to 88 books for this year on goodreads. I am one book behind schedule... But I think I will make it. Just six more books to go. This year I have re-read and re-listened to some familiar books, my comfort reads. Next year my goal is to re-read some series only ONE TIME. It will be tough but it is okay. I have also decided to listen and read to most my books that I have as audiobooks and a physical copy of, also a few books I don't have a audiobook of.

I had my bookshop-card almost full this fall and bought the last book that was required and got one FREE! I love this system they have lol. I bought Daisy Jones and the six by Taylor Jenkins Reid and Ninth house by Leigh Bardugo. I have Daisy Jones also on audible, so that's going on my list for 2023. I am trying to read the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Malibu Rising before I dive into Daisy Jones and the six.

I started Evelyn Hugo but got stuck as usual... I will try to jump back into it asap.

I started Bird box by Josh Malerman and it's good. I have it  both as a paperback and on audible :) I love reading & listening, it is like a movie in my head. It's really nice. I love audiobooks... I have a few that I don't own as physical copies but sometimes I just enjoy listening. 

More later!