Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Helmet Reading Challenge 2017

Hello there!

Lately I have been participating in a reading challenge here in Finland. It's a group on Facebook and here's a link to the page in English

Helmet Reading Challenge

It goes on for a year, there are 50 categories and then, next year, there'll be 50 new categories. Some people want to read 50 books, one for each category, but you can also use one book for many categories.

I have read four books so far this year. I don't put pressure on myself to read 50 books, I can use one book for a couple of categories. I have read:

The diving bell and the butterfly

A place called here

All the birds in the sky

Cruel crown

The diving bell and the butterfly fits at least category number one. The name of the book is pretty. It is truly one of my favorite books. It's just so beautiful.

A place called here fits the category 43, I have been thinking about reading it for a long time. It was okay. Not my most favorite book. But I really like Cecelia Ahern's books in general.

All the birds in the sky fits category 29, for one. The main character can do something I would like to learn. She is basically a witch lol. She communicates with nature. That would be cool.

Then, we have Cruel crown... It fits category number 10, among others. I think the cover is very beautiful. I really couldn't understand or get into the world described in the book, but it was kind of a good book.

Well, thanks for reading my blog.

More later.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Books are my life


Oh dear, my reading slump is still continuing. It feels like there is nothing I can do about it. I have tried many ways of getting rid of it. It's a struggle. I hope to get rid of it soon. 😄

Since I am so behind on my Goodreads goal, I have been reading many short books. I've already started many really short books. For example

Girl, Interrupted  which I have read before... and

The diving bell and the butterfly  I've read that one before too.

They are both very good. I'm thinking of writing more about the books I have read when I was studying English at the University of Stockholm. After all, they were important then, for my studies. Boy, I loved studying at the University... I was young and wild back then. Now I'm just young lol. 😁

More later!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Year, A New (Bookish) Start :)


This year has been very good so far, at least when it comes to reading... I have raised my goal, I will try to read 100 books this year. I know, it's crazy. I'm such a slow reader and get stuck in these really long reading slumps... Well, let's see. I have read two books so far this year. I did start them last year, but I finished them in 2017. I read:

All the birds in the sky

Cruel crown

I don't know what's my problem these days. It takes a really lot for me to say a book is good, these days... I've become so picky and critical. In the "good old days" I enjoyed every book I read, very much. It had to be a really bad book for me not to enjoy it. I don't know what's the matter with me. But it is also a good thing, I can be more objective, not so "easily pleased". I don't know really what's gotten into me. LOL. Well, I enjoyed the ending to both books. And the first short story in Cruel Crown was really good. I kept imagining a completely different setting that probably was the intention. For some reason I pictured something like Game of Thrones... Weird. :P By the way, I've started GoT two times, now I'm stuck and probably have to start over lol. I'm such a scatter brain.

I've found a new app for tracking my reading, but I can't really track books I've already started. Yesterday I put one of the books I'm currently reading in the app and it suddenly said that I will probably finish the book in 10 minutes. There is still over 300 pages left of the book :P Haha...

Well, it's very good otherwise, it tracks how fast you read...

More later!

Have a great Wednesday!!! :)