Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Hi there...

Good news! My reading slump of the century is almost over ! Yay ! :) I just started diving back into my favorite Twilight book: New moon. I have it on audiobook so I am reading and listening to it at the same time. It's really effective .

I have not bought many books this year . Today I bought a Danish crime novel. My Danish isn't strong enough for me to read it in Danish, so I am reading it in Swedish. Close enough lol. It's a book by Danish author Jussi Adler Olsen. It's the first part of the series: Avdelning Q. The first book is called "Kvinnan i rummet " which would translate into "The woman in the room ". My Mom has been recommending it for ages. Only today she said it's really gruesome and horrifying. Lol. Thanks mom!  Better late than never ...

Well,  I will get reading now . No time like the present :)

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