Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Reading-parties galore :)

Hello there!

I'm back! lol

Did I tell you guys about my reading-group? We meet twice a month. We sit quietly for hours and read, each their own book of choice. Then, after a few hours, we stop, and tell each other about what we read. It is sooo awesome! It is like, the introvert's dream-party. I joined the group about a year ago. We have met several times at my place, too.

Yesterday I read a little in four different books:

The Polygamist's daughter (audiobook on Storytel)
The lonely Polygamist
A court of mist and fury
Narnia: The Magician's Nephew.

I am currently DNF'ing ACOMAF. I cannot take it anymore. I have lost the plot, I don't keep up with the characters etc. I am just not up to it. I will try to read it later. Maybe. I read the first part: A court of thorns and roses. It was pretty okay. This second part is just too much right now...

The lonely polygamist is a humorous story about a man with four wives and many children. He is having maybe some kind of crisis... He doesn't feel happy anymore. His wives seem very demanding. lol

The polygamist's daughter is a true story, about a man who is a "prophet" and has like maybe 12 (?) wives and over 50 children... The story is awful. I don't understand how these children have been able to cope with the kind of life they are to put up with.

Narnia 1 is a classic tale, so beautiful, funny and familiar to me. I love the story. It is a classic for children but adults can enjoy it just the same. It is beautiful. I have a huge book with all the books in one, in English and I also have them each separately in Swedish.

More later!

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