Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Most Bookish Year Ever...

 Dear Readers...

I am so happy, and reading a lot. Every evening I listen to audio books about 2 hours. Then I read a little during the day, too. This has boosted my reading above and beyond lol... :) I've read 11 (!) books so far in 2021!!! That is amazing! I have never ever read this fast this much. I enjoy it so much. I'll link my good reads challenge below:

GR challenge 2021

It's so fun! :) 

I'm also participating in a few buddy-reads on Discord, in a few book groups there... There are so many unread books on my shelves, I'm so happy I will finally have the energy and time to at least try to finish them all. Wish me luck!

I have some really huge books to read this year... But more about that later!

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