Saturday, October 23, 2021

Dewey's Readathon Update...

Hello there!

So, it's not going great but it's going okay. I have started two books:

"Den amerikanska flickan" by Monica Fagerholm (a Swedish speaking Finn)
"Kätilö" by Katja Kettu (a Finn)

I have been listening to music, drinking pepsi max and trying to focus on my books... I was supposed to read something else but so far I've only gotten to these two lol. I've been distracted a bit... Whatsapp messaging with friends, discord etc. I need to focus. Wish me luck! :)

It's the fourth hour of the readathon and it's soon 7 pm here in Finland. I will try to stay up later than usual reading. Pepsi helps. Music helps. If  I eat too much I will get sleepy so better stick to pepsi max. LOL. I also have a lot of audiobooks waiting...

TA! :)

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