Thursday, October 20, 2022

Reading challenge update and more! :)

 Dear followers,

Whenever I fall into a reading slump, I have a few audio books that are short and familiar that I love to re-listen to... I love audio books and it is a lot easier to get out of the slump by listening to something familiar. Now that I am almost caught up on my reading goal of 2022 I can start reading more with my eyeballs and even bigger books. I love big books and I cannot lie lol.

I feel like I don't have to read all the REALLY chunky ones right this moment but I can start them and read a few that are longer than some of the audio books I have been listening to. I must say, I feel like I am re-reading far too much lol. I will try to challenge myself more next year. I can't stick to a TBR, I am a mood reader :D 

Some of the books that I love re-listening to are the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling and the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer. They are my comfort listens :) But enough is enough lol. I will try to re-listen to them a little less frequently... I do have over 100-200 unread books at home. I used to hoard a lot of books, I was afraid of running out of things to read :D 

I can start planning a preliminary TBR but it will probably change many times next year lol.

Some of the books I want to read or re-read next year are (also some that I have started already):

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf

Putkinotko by Joel Lehtonen

Sinuhe egyptiläinen by Mika Waltari

Utvandrarna by Wilhelm Moberg

those are some of the classics on my TBR. I have read Putkinotko and Sinuhe earlier...

I am a trilingual person so I love reading in three languages: Swedish, Finnish and English :)

I also want to re-read some of my all-time favorite books... Which include:

The book thief by Markus Zuzak

The thirrteenth tale by Diane Setterfield

The Ruby Slippers by Keir Alexander

The weight of silence by Heather Gudenkauf

 Philomena by Martin Sixsmith 

More later! :)

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