Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hello, hello, hello! 😊

Hi there! 

I'm back so soon, I surprised myself lol...

How are you, dear readers? That's a rethorical question, you don't need to answer that. You may, if you want of course 😊Suddenly my blogging inspiration is back. I hope it's going to stay... I just loo looove blogging. I could seriously make my living by blogging. One huge obstacle is the problem that I love to write in three different languages... That's a really tricky problem. It sucks. Seriously. Well, let's not dwell on the negative things, but embrace the diversity. 😁

Books. Yes, that is what this blog is all about. Books, books and more books...

I was thinking of doing a few "challenges" or "prompts" as the youtubers say... Tune in for that and more, later in this blog. 

I've been busy -reading - of course. And travelling, spending time with my Dad. I went on a trip with my Dad yesterday and today. I had a lot of time to read. I brought with me six  (!) books on the cruise. I only read a few pages in two books. Maybe 100 pages. I have noticed that I am a slow reader and I want to savour every word. It's best for me to absorb everything. Well, I guess you could do it quickly, but I like to save the book, so that it doesn't just rush by, all the words like a stream of consciousness. Well, what a cliche... I'm just a one basket short of a picnic when it comes to writing "creatively" lol. That's what you get. My life is just a big cliché. LoL. Not. 

Hmm, aren't I in a contemplating mood today? Oh, fudge, all I can think of is more clichés. One thing I learned at the University of Stockholm is that you have to innovative, write your own clichés, your own kind of "style" and stick out from the crowd. 

What would my favourite teachers say now? Probably they would still give me bad/low grades. The only two subjects in senior high school that I wanted to excel in were English and Music. At the University of Stockholm, I sailed through the first semester of English, except it be for one exam. But I did get through it a few years later. 

Oops, this isn't so much about books,  but about English and my studies. Sorry! 
Well , I guess I'mdone for this time. Sorry. 



  1. I sure like the idea of writing in three languages!!! And new and old clichés - that's kinda complicated, I agree...