Monday, February 20, 2017

Holding up the universe

Hello there!

My new favorite book, that I'm reading is holding up the universe. I really love this book. The chapters are short, it makes you read faster, because usually for me, if the chapter is really long, I get discouraged and take a "brake" which sometimes can last for months... lol "Holding up the Universe" is a really fun book. It's about this curvy/big girl whose mother died when she was young and the girl starts to eat, trying to escape reality. Now she has lost some of the weight and is back in school. Then there is this guy who has a disorder that makes him unable to recognize people. Like, he looks at a face and has no clue who it is. Even his family members are strangers. He usually identifies people from their voice, hair-do etc. Well, I haven't read much further than this and I don't want to post spoilers :P It's just a very good book. I've become interested in books that take place in school. Weird. Maybe I'm trying to relive my lost childhood. :) lol

Reading is the best. :)

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