Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reading, I love it!

Hello there!

Wow, it took a looong time to get over my reading slump... I hope it doesn't come back anytime soon... I have an audiobook account and every month I get one book for the one credit I get each month. Yesterday I bought one of my all-time favorite books.

Orange is the new black

It's about a lady who committed a crime ten years ago and finally, the past has caught up on her and she gets named by her ex.girlfriend in court and so she is charged with drug-money smuggling... She ends up in Danbury women's prison and gets 15 months. Her name is Piper Kerman, and this is a book written by her about her time in prison. I've read it twice before and now I'm listening to the audiobook and reading while listening.

I can relate to this book because I was in a hospital for eight months when I was 17. It was a mental hospital, the ward was for youth. Everyday I think about my experience there. It was really something :P I love Orange is the New Black because it's such a interesting book and it touches my heart. The way the ladies take care of each other is wonderful.

I'm also counting this towards my Helmet reading challenge

It fits into several categories, for example:

36: a memoir
18: there are no less than four words in the title...

I love this challenge!

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