Friday, November 23, 2018

Hey! :)

Hello there!

This past month I have been finding more ways on overcoming reading slumps. :) FINALLY! 

I have listened to audiobooks, re-read old favorites, started some books that have been YEARS on my shelves etc. Now I'm completely hooked! :) Can't stop reading. So many on my TBR that I have decided to only buy books if they are the next one in the series and I have read the previous part and if they are on my TBR, no more "surprise"-bookshopping lol... NEVER AGAIN! I have ended up with sooo many wierd and "bad" books... I used to be so impulsive as a bookbuyer. It was crazy... I went to Gran Canaria a few weeks ago. I found a great book in the hotel's library: "Just in Case" by Meg Rosoff <3 It is such a gem. I really liked it. It completely sucked me in. Thank goodness for books like that! Now I have started a book that I have owned a few years: "Possessed" by Niki Valentine. First of all, I play the piano, as does the main character. And second: I love stories with twins in them... :)

Today it's Black Friday. I'm not going to buy a new book or many new books, I'm going to "shop" on my own shelf lol. There are probably over 100 unread books in my library... I know CRAZY!!! :( I have been an impulsive shopper and a lazy reader... What can I say? I'm bad... lol

More later! :)

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