Monday, January 14, 2019


Hi guys and gals!

Last year I tried to participate in the Helmet Reading Challenge. Needless to say, not only did I not succeed, I gave up way too early. lol I am a slow reader... I have started reading more lately. This year I have already finished 3 books (though I did start them last year...) and I am currently reading a few very short books and a few are on "the finish line" lol I just love books. Well, Here is a link to the Helmet Reading Challenge, just in case you want to join:


It is lovely. There are not so many rules and people do tend to interpret the different challenges in different ways. In the few next days, weeks, months (who knows) I will be telling you about the books I have chosen to each challenge. The main idea is to diversify your reading. I will try to read al 50 books for the challenge and not combine two challenges. I mean, if the book I read for challenge number one, also fits challenge (insert random number here), I could maybe combine them, and say: there, it is done! Although I have only read ONE book... Well, there are not such hard set rules in this challenge, thank goodness...

The books I have read so far this year (i.e. finished)

Anne på Grönkulla

Orange is the new black

GuRu (audiobook)

They were all rereads/listens. I have lost count of how many times I have read Anne på Grönkulla, I have now read OITNB three times and I have listened to GuRu now TWICE :) I looove RuPaul...

I have a journal where I focus on books, it is my so-called Bookish Bullet Journal. It is filled with stats etc. Now I have today written all the challenges in the HELMET challenge and I am sooo stoked, ready and happy to start and continue this challenge.

By the way, my goal is to read 99 books (at least) this year. Goodreads says I am on track lol

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