Tuesday, January 15, 2019

So it begins...

Hello there peeps!

I am back... Sooner than expected but it is all good. I have started to think and ponder what I should read this year. I kid you not, I have over 100 unread books in my library. I am really happy and grateful that I do have a room in my home, that I can call a library. Now I am re-organizing my shelves. There are books everywhere. lol I have also a "new" hobby, collecting toys from my childhood... The toys are soon overtaking my library lol... So, I am considering purchasing a new shelf, which I would put in my living-room. That is the only solution, because I will not get rid of all there books, or toys lol.

There are some changes is my TBR-list. My TBR-list is an ever-changing thing. I always read many books at the same time, because darn it, I can not choose just one to stick to. I need variation, freedom of choice, the ability and possibility to change and switch my "currently reading" -list. Sooo, I have tried to choose the best, the most important, the most uplifting books...

One of the challenges in the Helmet-reading challenge is "A book recommended to you by a librarian. I visited my favorite library "METSO" on Saturday. I went for it, I asked bravely the nearest librarian... for a recommendation. She found a good one within 3-5 minutes:


I just started it yesterday. It is really nice. It is short, too. Only like 176 pages! It should be a quick and pleasant read. I also started:


That one is waaayyy cool. It is a page-turner, easy to read and with big text, I do not have to squint at the pages to make out the text, old eyes, you know. lol It is also short, maybe 270 pages or something. I love it so far. I do admit, I am soon getting tired of middle-grade books, YA literature etc. So, after this I am going to try to dive into some classics and/or really high fantasy or something, maybe something I have not earlier tried. It is also one of the challenges in Helmet: Read a book that represents a genre you do not usually read... Hmm... What could that be? No idea. Yet.

I love big books and I cannot lie, they just take a longer time to finish... Which is a bummer, when you are trying to read as much as possible. I am sometimes "bullied" because I love to read many books at the same time, many books, thick books etc. Even because I read in English and Swedish! I mean, how petty can you be? Maybe some people do not understand me. Well, I do not mind. It is my library, after all lol. They may say what they want. My goal is to read for fun, for pleasure, to learn, to grow and to read as many of my own books as possible, before I die. Grim, I know, but what else can I say? lol

More later!

Hugs from Cindyrelly :)

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