Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Bookish confessions...

Hello there!

What's up? Today we celebrate the "lukurauhan päivä" here in Finland: 

Lukurauhan Päivä

It means something like: The Day of Reading in Peace ... I don't quite know how to translate it, sorry. You can write a better translation in the comments. I bet you can think of a better one, IF you're a Finnish speaker as well. BTW, I have heard that Finnish is the third hardest language in the world... It might be true. lol

So... Today I am going to Read in Peace, like undisturbed, alone and at my own pace. No panic. No stress. Just my books and me, chillin' on the couch. And my cats of course. lol Today I was thinking about writing to you some of my bookish confessions. Like, what I haven't read etc. and feel ashamed for etc. or what books I love that no one else seems to like lol...

1. Confession number one:

I have not read The Lord of the Rings... I have read, years ago, the Fellowship of the Ring in Finnish, but that was ages ago, cannot remember much. I have started LOTR so many times. Cannot get past Tom Bombadil... Sorry! Don't hate me for it! I am considering listening to it on my new audiobook app: STORYTEL because it's there, and in ENGLISH! Hallelujah! Finally, a place to listen to it! I haven't found it on Audible... :( AUDIBLE ... Well, now I have no excuse! :)

2. Confession number two:

I re-read almost every year Twilight, and try to go through the books, sometimes I only read the first part. Now. I was 27 when I read them the first time, now I have them on Audiobook, both on Audible and as CD.s... I cringe, laugh, voice my opinion etc. when I listen to them (and read at the same time). My opinion has radically changed, now that I am a REAL ADULT lol.... BUT! I love to read them because they are familiar and safe and nostalgic. I do not really think they are good anymore... SORRY! lol

3. Confession number three:

I have waaayyy more books that I own, that I believe I will ever read in my lifetime. Now, I used to have a "shopping-craze" almost everyday, basically (except Sundays) when I lived in Sweden. And I lived there for 12 years... I think I bought at least one book each week. No kidding. True story. Also, many times I would buy many books on the same day. I counted my books 2001, I believe, and they were 400+. Now, that was 18 years ago. So, safe to say, I have at least 500 books. Most of them I haven't read (yet). So, I am trying to read as much as possible.Wish me luck! lol

No more time for confessions this time... Maybe more later :P

TA! :)

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