Friday, February 12, 2021

Day One of the Challenge: 100 pages/day for a month :)

 Hello! :)

I started the challenge last night, I read and listened to 100 pages of  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book 5) by JK Rowling. I have read it maybe five times before, but  I still love it. I am on page 703, there is 800 pages in my edition. So, I will finish it later today. That will be fun. 

I am also reading a few other books. War and peace by Leo Tolstoy, I am reading it in Swedish and it is a buddy read, it lasts all year. Also, I am re-reading Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, it is also a buddy read. It also is for one year. 

Then I have two shorter books, also buddy reads (this month):

The Martian by Andy Weir 


Life of  Pi by Yann Martel

All of these buddy reads are happening on one of the servers I'm on on Discord. Also, another server is reading the Bible in 2021 from cover to cover, I am also participating in that buddy read. We're soon done with Numbers (4th book of Moses)...

I started the Martian yesterday, listening and reading it at the same time, I am only 18 pages in lol. Today I will finish Harry Potter 5 and possibly maybe probably start Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince (book 6). 

More later! :)

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