Sunday, January 23, 2022

Reading habits in 2022. So far so good.

 Hello there!

This year has started pretty well. I have read and/or listened to seven books this year so far. My goal is 164. If I fall off the wagon early on (or later), my goal is to read 123 books. If this seems too difficult, my lowest goal is to read 101 books in 2022. :)

According to GoodReads I am 2 books behind schedule... Oopsie! 

In 2020 I read 41 books, in 2021 I read 82 books... This year I'm happy if I reach at least 83 but my ultimate goals are as stated above. Here is a link to my GoodReads, in case you want to check it out:

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I have noticed how easy it is to listen to audiobooks in the evening, before I fall asleep. It is so nice. I usually listen to Harry Potter. Sometimes I listen to Twilight because these two series are very familiar, I do not miss out if I miss a word here or there, I know them by heart. 

What are some of your "comfort reads"? :)

I am looking for new comfort reads and comfort audiobooks. I am thinking of including Lord of the rings to the list (once I finish them) and maybe The hunger games and Divergent... Hmm. I only own the first book in each of those series as audiobooks, so I will have to wait for my audible credits to arrive. :D

I love big books and I cannot lie. That is my motto. :)

More later!

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