Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hello, I'm back! :)

Hi there everybody!

What's up? I just realized that I'm very much behind on my goodreads goal, and my currently-reading -shelf is getting bigger and bigger, as per usual... There are some books I start over and over again, because I keep telling myself I have forgotten the beginning... Often I leave a book "hanging" for a long time, because I want to savor it, enjoy it as much as possible. I "save" good books to be read at a more convenient time, when I have more time to fully enjoy it. Which is stupid. I, Cindarella Santonen, will never go around saving books. I will enjoy them right here, right now... Because there's no time like the present, right? :) LoL, I don't know if I'm making much sense today... :P I apologize... 

I finished a very interesting book a few weeks ago, it's called "Puhdistus" in Finnish, it's by Sofi Oksanen. Here is the link to it in English:

It was...

a. horrifying
b. un-putdownable
c. depressing

But it was worth the read. I will never forget it...

Well, now I'm going to go sit on my bed and read something, something I feel like reading tonight... 
Good night! 
From Finland with Love,