Saturday, December 31, 2016

Let the New Year begin...

Dear Readers...

Now it's 5 p.m. here in Finland, that means that there is only 7 hours left of 2016 for us here in Finland... It has been a Very Good reading Year for me :) I have not read this many books in a year in a looong while. I did not reach my Goodreads goal (yet at least) but I still read 24 books. My goal was 26. I'm going to raise the bar next year and try to read one book per week... If that fails, I will settle for 37 books (my age in 2017) and the ultimate minimum goal is to read 27 books... I can do it! :) I need to focus, be diligent and just do it.

My favorite book this year was probably Gone with the Wind. It was on my shelf for YEARS and this year I finally read it. It was very interesting. My second most favorite book of this year was probably Fangirl... It was easy and fast to read and very interesting. The third most favorite book was probably Me before you or Cinder... :D

Next year I have a looong list of books I want and NEED to read ASAP. Tonight I will try to finish 2 books, there's still a possibility ;)

More later! :)

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