Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Harry Christmas Readathon!

Hello there ! 😉

How are you, dear readers ? I'm so sorry , that I have been away . .. I have no good excuse . I'm sorry . I guess it's been a bit stressful , this pre -Christmas time ... Well , anyways . .. Christmas IS coming , soon ! And I just found this amazing read a thon ! Which I have started participating in already ! I think I am more motivated this time . It's not books about Christmas , or Winter , or snow... it's not books that are big and chunky . No... It's Harry Potter ! 😊 Yeees !

Here's the link to the read a thon .

I found this on the blog of an awesome blogger ,  the little book owl . She's great ! Also ,  she is from Australia . Which seems like a nice place , except for the bugs . .. and other dangerous things .

Sooo , let's get back to the subject . Harry Potter .  Yes .  I have read most of the books a few times but the fifth and seventh , I have read only once . I actually have audible now ,  so last month I got HP 6. I listened to the first chapter today . Stephen Fry is the best narrator ever! It's so wonderful . This month I'm thinking of getting HP 4... from audible . Eventually , I wish to own them all on audible . I get one book a month with my one credit that I pay for every month .

Harry Potter . I have loved the books since I first watched the first movie , got the first book and started reading . the best thing about the books is probably the amazing world that JK Rowling creates. I remember wishing to live in the Harry Potter universe . And all the ingenious names , terms , sayings . .. All of the vocabulary ! There's nothing quite like it . Except maybe JRR Tolkien . .. Which I have not read ! I mean , I have read the Hobbit when I was a child but I have not yet read Lord of the Rings . I am ashamed .

Well , anyways . . .  The readathon goes on for the month of December . Read as much Harry Potter as you can ! I will try . I am starting strong .

Take care y'all! 🌼

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