Saturday, April 15, 2017

Books are better than people

I'm back! Suddenly, I've slipped back into a reading-slump... It's awful! I've been watching youtube -videos on how to get out of a reading-slump. Today I tried one trick, and it worked! I listened to one chapter of Orange is the new black... It's my third time reading that book. I usually try to read it once a year. This is consequently my third year of reading it :P There are a few other books I love to read every year, or at least I try to read them every year... Those include...

Anne of Greengables
Harry Potter

Can't remember what the other ones are... Sorry! :( But seriously, I hate reading-slumps... They are the worst! I try to listen to music that will inspire me to read, I try to find a good spot at home to read... I've tried a lot of ways. Now I've decided to take the advice of some youtube -videos. Listen to audiobooks, choose smaller books, not force myself to read... Those are the tips Hailey in Bookland has on her channel... She is my favorite booktube person. :) I've been watching her videos for maybe a year. She is the BEST! :)

Today I've decided to "embrace the reading-slump" as Hailey puts it, and just take it easy and not stress about it... There's another readathon going on at Dewey's. It's the Pre-readathon #2. We're supposed to read 24 hours in a week! I have only managed 2 hours so far... On Monday, the first day of the Pre.readathon. Today I've decided to read as much as possible. It's difficult to count how long you've read when you listen to an audiobook 1,30 times the speed... LOL :P Well, I'll get a rough idea how long it has taken me... I better start timing my reading :P LOL

That's all for today! Have a great weekend! :)

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