Sunday, April 23, 2017

Philomena Lee

Hello there!

I just finished a couple of days ago, this phenomenal book

Philomena Lee

And it was just sooo good. It is a true story. It's about a mother and her son. She becomes pregnant out of wedlock and to reconcile her sin she has to live and work in a convent with other unwed mothers and a bunch of nuns. She lives for three years at the convent and gets to see her son grow with the other orphans and mothers. Then comes the awful part. When her son is three years old, the nuns do what they have always done. They get guests from America who want to adopt Anthony  (Philomena's son) together with Mary, his best friend who then becomes his sister. The nuns force Philomena to sign the adoption papers and sell Anthony to an American family. Later on, Philomena starts looking for her son.

This is such an interesting book. I loved it sooo much! It was written in a way that was very gripping. I highly recommend it to you all.

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