Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Early bird catches the... Book? ;)

Good morning!

It is 3 a.m. here in Finland right now. I sometimes have trouble sleeping...

Yesterday evening I continued listening to IT by Stephen King. It is sooo good! I feel like very Stephen King-y, like, really in the "mood" for SK books. LOL. They are amazing. The longest book by him that I have read is The Stand, the shortest: Carrie... Carrie and The Green Mile are my favorites.

Now it is time. It is time to re-read OITNB. (Orange is the new black)... I have read it three times so far. It is my favorite memoir, and my favorite biography is Mercury by Lesley-Ann Jones. It is amazing! I also really like "The lost child of Philomena Lee" by Martin Sixsmith.

Today I will (try to) read some old favorites, like Jurassic Park, The Neverending story (both in Swedish) and maybe some other(s)... I have 32 books on my Goodreads currently-reading shelf! OOPS! I did it again... LOL. I need to update that list... Here is a link to my Goodreads-page:

Cindarella Goodreads

You may follow me if you wish LOL...

Oh WOW! I have read 23 books this year, so far! That is AMAZING! Last year I only read 18... My goal is to read my age in books every year. It gets trickier all the time lol... Dang it! I should have thought of some other way of challenging myself haha! Well I will try...

More later!

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