Wednesday, September 18, 2019



It is almost 5 a.m. here in Finland right now. I am listening to a radio station from Sweden. Not any station... My favorite! I lived in Stockholm for 12 years and I listened to this radio most mornings. My favorite radio personality talks every morning. He is so awesome!

My reading-slump has resumed... At least a little bit. It is awful. Either I read like crazy or not at all. Well, I am exaggerating a little lol. I have not slept much tonight, this morning, whatever. lol. My brain is not functioning properly. Sorreee...

I will try to get out of this slump by following some of my favorite booktubers advice:

Those are just a few of my booktubers that I love! I looove me some booktube!

Hailey in Bookland was the first, or one of the first booktubers I discovered! I just love her style! I just keep on finding more new people to follow but I also love watching old and familiar videos, over and over again... Absorb the message lol...

Books are great, I could not live without them.

I am part of a few book clubs on Facebook etc. but they do not feel "real" :( I need to see the FACE of the person I am talking with. See the reactions etc. That is not always possible via the web... It is okay tho, I have a few book clubs on Goodreads, that I feel a little more connected to, sometimes lol

Here is my favorite book club on Goodreads, if you are a woman, join!


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