Tuesday, September 17, 2019

With the Power of Pepsi...


What's up? Wow, has my reading-slump eased up! Man, I have read 23 books this year so far! Last year I read 18 books... So, the progress has been positive. lol. I am so happy that I have "found" my books again and the Right Pace for me. Happy! I have never ever read as many Harry Potter books a year that I have already read this year! WOW! HP 5, 6, 7 and 1... Plus started HP2. It is AMAZING.

"I love big books and I cannot lie"

Nowadays, when I see a "skinny book", that is like less than 300 pages, I am like: That's not a REAL book, that's a novella lol... No, but seriously, I am becoming a proper book snob, but it ain't all negative... Once I get this blog going again, I will have more motivation to continue reading more, 'cuz then I have more stuff to write about and so it goes... The circle of (a readers) life! YES.

'Books are, in fact, better than people! A book will never leave you lonely, at least not until it ends and/or if/when it makes you feel lonely... lol. Horrible, I know. I am on a roll here... I have seen the (reading) light! and the puns go ever on and on...

Also, Pepsi plays a huge part in this. I am usually very tired and sluggish, even in the day! But Pepsi, man that stuff is awesome! I do not drink coffee, see. I need some kind of perk-me-up... I also happen to have (mild) ADHD and caffeine helps me concentrate. On the contrary of popular opinion, slowing down a ADHD person does not make him/her focus better. On the contrary, my dear Watson! Put a little extra "UNFF" into the tank and the car runs a lot more inspirational(ly) lol.

I do not know why, but it feels like the weekend to me lol. That's weird...

More later!

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