Saturday, April 24, 2021

Here we go again.. :D


Now I've slept a bit (five-ish hours lol) and woke up at  5 am and took a caffeine pill a little while ago, it feels a bit like cheating but it's for a good cause... :D I didn't read last night that much, only wrote messages with friends and my aunt. Now I'm back in business. 

I have my Finnish mead (non-alcoholic) and chocolate, in case I need it. I usually don't eat a lot in the morning, but I drink a lot of juice etc. usually. Last night I ate some garlic bread and now I'm feeling a bit ummm.... doughy :D lol. It was too much. 

Today my goal is to read a little more of my friend's book, maybe even finish it. It's called "Ei kaikki pinnat kireällä" by Taru Luojola. She is a really good author. I laugh out loud when I read her books :D I met her in 2019 on Discord. We have a little book group there that I joined then.

I'm happy. I have finished two books that had started earlier, listened a bit of The midnight library by Matt Haig and before read a bit in my friend's book. In case you missed it, it's in Finnish, my second mother tongue. It's a very fun and beautiful language.

See ya!

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