Thursday, April 22, 2021

Getting ready for Dewey's 24-hour readathon 24.4.2021

 Dear readathoners and non-readathoners...

Reading-life can sometimes be a bit sucky. Especially the lack of it. I'm still in a horrible slump. Dewey's 24-hour readathon is coming at just the right time. I really need to get back into reading. It's like, when I pick up a book: "Words words words, and bla bla bla" :D True story. I am having a hard time concentrating... It is truly awful. In case you haven't heard about Dewey's, here is a link to it :

I have been participating from maybe 2015/2016, right about the time I found booktube. Also, fun fact: I started bullet journaling in May/June 2016. YaY! It has been so fun. I could sometimes share some of my bookish bullet journal's spreads. (They are called spreads, don't ask me why). 

My TBR for Dewey's has changed a bit lol. BTW: Here is a link to my warm-up post on Dewey's site, in case someone is interested:

I am happy and very honored to have had the opportunity to write a warm-up post :D It was one of my goals in life as a book blogger. Thank you, Dewey's <3 It was fun. Blogging about books is my passion, I love books, I love writing - ta-dah! LOL. It's my favorite thing.. 

Sooo... My TBR... I know I need to read and maybe finish "The neverending story" by Michael Ende, because I am hosting a book club meeting on zoom in a few weeks about it lol. I have read it twice before but it was years ago, over a decade like... woah. lol. So I need to read it. I am reading it in Swedish. I tried to read it in German but man, that's just so slow...

More later!

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